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NMIC Home Health Aide Training Program

The Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC) offers a free Home Health Aide (HHA) course in both English and Spanish. This program is designed for New York City residents who wish to become certified Home Health Aides. The course, spanning four weeks, provides necessary training to care for clients in need of personal health assistance at home. Successful completion of the program leads to a New York State Home Health Aide certification and inclusion in the New York State Home Care Registry.

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Eligibility and Registration

The course is open to NYC residents who are 18 years or older and fully vaccinated against Covid. Candidates are also required to submit a physical exam. Interested individuals can sign up by calling a specific number and leaving a message, with the assurance that calls will be returned within a week. For additional information, NMIC can be contacted via phone or email.

Broader Services of NMIC

Apart from the HHA training, NMIC provides a range of free services to the residents of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. These services encompass housing, immigration, benefits and finance, health, education and career, and holistic services. NMIC’s mission is to act as a catalyst for positive change, guiding community members toward secure and prosperous futures. Individuals interested in these services are encouraged to contact NMIC for further guidance and assistance.

Duration4 weeks
Class SchedulesSpecific schedules not provided; offered in both English and Spanish
Online Classes?No
Location45 Wadsworth Ave, New York, NY 10033
PhoneTo sign up: 212-822-8324
For more information: 212-822-8300
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNMIC Home Health Aide